we are JHA

After the suffering of Rwanda due to the worlds worst tragedy of the 1994 genocide against the tutsi, so many were displaced, so many became orphans, high poverty levels due to economic devastation, famine and other community problems, Rwanda has put in place several strategic plans to panel beat these problems sustainably and so much is been done in this line with the line institutions.

However there are several chronically prevailing issues and much need to be done on problems that the Rwandan community is still facing.


With a 10 years experience in community development, young Rwandans initiated Journey House Africa, a non-profit, non religious, apolitical and non governmental, as a major solution to the different Chronical issues that the Rwandan community is facing with a vision to build an inclusive environment for sustainable social welfare and economic development of vulnerable communities,

The vision of Journey House Africa was formulated from our shared sense of unselfish concern for the welfare of others particularly the vulnerable groups of people, from a realistic appraisal of the context in which we operate including the broad national development aspirations, and from a desire that Journey House Africa should continuously play her role of impacting the lives of many people in Rwanda.


The founders of Journey House Africa, have been working tirelessly in different communities for the last 10 years, hence developing the idea of JHA, Journey House Africa wishes to build on previous experience and achievements to expand her interventions and make greater impact in welfare and social justice for our programs and projects’ beneficiaries.  Enabling strategies will help JHA to create, develop and improve our partnerships with key stakeholders’ including the government of Rwanda, beneficiaries and our esteemed funders, with a belief that without involvement of stakeholders of our programs and projects sustainability of our interventions can be limited.

The realization of Journey House Africa’s goal will be anchored in a comprehensive partnership with donor community, development and strategic use of resources, ensuring integrated planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of projects and programs and organizational learning for excellence in performance.